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Data privacy

Our Privacy Policy

  1. We aim to collect, use and store your personal data in a safe and secure way.
  2. We will only collect and use information required in our normal business procedures.
  3. We will only use your data for the purposes stated.
  4. We will NOT sell or share your data other third parties for marketing purposes.

When is data collected?

  1. We collect data when you register with us and create an account.
  2. We collect minimal information about website usage using cookies.
  3. We store your email address when you make a stock enquiry, or other similar query.
  4. We collect data when you make an enquiry about hiring products from us.
  5. We collect data when you add an alternative delivery address to your account.
  6. We store your favourite products when you add them to a favourites list.
  7. We use your IP address to estimate your location (City/Country).

How do we use the data?

  1. The data you provide is used to process any orders you place with us. This will include passing on information such as your name, address, email and telephone number to delivery companies in order to facilitate the delivery. We only pass on the required data for purposes of delivery.
  2. Your previous purchases may be analysed to suggest products and services that may be of interest to you.
  3. If you subcribe to our mailing list, we will periodically email you with special offers, and information about new products.
  4. If you are a trade account customer, your details may be shared with our factoring company, Lloyds Commercial Finance, and credit reference agencies.
  5. When you make any card payment via our website, your name and address will be shared with the card processing company for purposes of verifying you are the owner of the card details submitted.
  6. We will use your email address to send you order confirmations, stock information, and answer any other queries.
  7. We store your order history, invoices, favourite products, and communication in help tickets for both your and our convenience so that we can both easily access the data.
  8. The password you provide is stored in an encrypted format, and is used to identify you when you log into our website.
  9. Your IP Address is used whilst browsing to help deliver accurate pricing and delivery information for your location. We do not store your IP address if you are just browsing the website, the data is used temporarily whilst you browse, and your inferred location is stored as a COOKIE on your device only. If the estimated location is incorrect, you can correct it by registering an account and logging in. If you take specific actions on our website, such as consenting to join a mailing list, we may store your IP address to confirm you gave us consent. If you attempt fraudulent transactions, or otherwise illegal activities, your IP Address will be stored, and may be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Email marketing

  1. If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will keep you informed about new products, and short term special offers.
  2. If you subscribe to our mailing list as part of the JAM Club, we will keep you informed about new products, and also about exclusive offers available to members only.
  3. You may opt-out of our mailing list at any time, please be aware that this will prevent you from using and accessing many of the special offers.


  1. We do not store cookies on our servers, they are stored on your computer and are a function of your web browser.
  2. Cookies are small text files, and contain minimal information only, but they are a critical part of our webshop as they allow the shopping basket, and your login to work. Our primary use of cookies is for the shopping function on our website, in order to maintain your shopping basket.
  3. We do also use cookies for your convenience, and the last 5 products you have viewed are stored and made available for you to review. We do not use cookies for tracking you across our website, this data is only on your computer, and is not stored on our servers at any time.
  4. Still unsure? Read more about cookies here:

What personal data do we store?

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your Address, or addresses if you have an alternative delivery address.
  3. Your Telephone number(s), this may include a landline and mobile number.
  4. Your Email Address.
  5. Your username and password. * If your username, or password identifies you personally, it is personal data. If it does not identify you, it is just data

Access to your information

  1. You have the right to access your personal data.
  2. The only personal data we store about you is available to you via the My Account section of the website, once you have logged in. You can view your personal data here at any time, at no charge.
  3. You can update your personal data at any time via the My Account section of the website. You can also delete your primary personal data here. Please note though, we may still have copies of the personal data in your order history, as we generate invoices for all sales, and in some instances PDF versions of invoices.
  4. We can provide a printed copy of your data, for which we will make an appropriate charge to cover administrative costs. You can request this by emailing, or in writing to Blue Aran, Unit 1 Orion Business Centre, Wide Lane, Southampton, SO18 2HJ.
  5. If you wish to delete your personal information from your order history, and historical invoices, please contact us via email and we will assist you. Please note, that once this data is removed, it will be impossible for us to recover this data and provide you with copy invoices at a later date.

What other data do we store that is not personal data?

  1. Your order History.
  2. Your help ticket messages.
  3. Any requests for stock information. This data is usually removed within 6 months of reply to the stock enquiry, usually sooner.
  4. Favourite products, BUT only if you have submitted them to a favourites list. We do not track your website browsing in order to suggest products we think you might be interested in.
  5. Subscriptions to mailing lists, and our JAM Club.
  6. Various Administrative data, such as opting in to our mailing list to give consent to email you marketing information.
  7. You do not have the right to access non-personal data such as administrative data.
Data retention policy
  1. Personal Data is kept as long as necessary for purposes of Blue Aran's normal business activities.
  2. Your personal data will be stored whilst you have an active user account. An active user account is one that has been used for placing orders, or an account you have logged into for any other purpose on our website.
  3. Once your account is inactive, your personal data will normally be stored for a maximum of 3 years. There are exceptions to this, such as fraud prevention, legal action, or other over-riding regulations.
  4. We consider an inactive user account as an account which has not been used for a period of 24 months.
  5. You data may be stored for a total of up to 5 years after you last use your account.
  6. If you wish to have your data removed earlier, please email us and we will work with you to achive this as smoothly as possible, providing they are no over-riding rules or regulations that require us to keep your data.
GDPR 25th May 2018

GDPR Regulations start on 25th May 2018, and we will be working as quickly as possible to ensure all our systems are fully compliant.

If you have previously opted in to our mailing list in the last two years, we do not need to contact you for consent, as we will already have recorded your consent, with the IP address used at the time, and the exact time and date the consent was given.

If you opted in to our mailing list before 25th May 2016, when you login next, we will remind you about our mailing list, and ask you if you still wish to be included.